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Guidelines for

Volunteer Activities

  • Eligible organizations must be tax-exempt under IRS section 501(c)(3) and (4), and focus on health causes, youth education, youth sports, community and civic organizations, and the arts.

  • Individuals, travel, religious or political groups will not be considered for volunteer resources.

  • All requests must be in writing.  Go to the "Request Support" tab to complete a form.

  • Scheduling priorities are programs that directly enhance the quality of life or essential services in NOVEC’s service territory or area of impact, and add value to the community.

  • All HELPS projects require a NOVEC employee to serve as the NOVEC HELPS project coordinator.

  • Agency requests should be submitted as early as possible. Requests are reviewed at NOVEC HELPS board meetings that are held on the second Thursday of each month. Large projects need to allow adequate research and organization time.

  • Requests should provide clear, measurable goals, a timetable, and a budget for the proposed project.

  • The length and complexity of the project, and the financial and material resources required, will weigh significantly in the HELPS board meetings decision to accept or decline the request.

  • Agency agrees to recognize the NOVEC volunteers’ contribution of time and talent.

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